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6 surprising tricks to reduce sugar

Wanting to limit your sugar intake doesn’t just mean choosing different foods and experiencing some deprivation. You can help your body better cope with this change through some tricks that you may not have thought of.

You can try to control yourself, but once the dessert, pastry or cake passes under your nose, you will crack. The desire for sugar is stronger than anything else. If you want to further enhance your detoxification of carbohydrates, please refer to the following tips to help you overcome the difficulties.

  • Step by step

Making small and simple changes to your diet is easier than stopping your diet immediately. In this way, you can give your taste buds time to learn to appreciate new, less sweet tastes. And don’t forget that making too drastic changes can create stress, which doesn’t help you stay motivated.

  • drinking water

Feeling like a snack? Try a glass of water first. The craving for sugar may be a sign of dehydration. After drinking the water, wait a few minutes and observe the condition in your body.

  • rest

When the body is tired or tense, it needs energy and craves sugar. Avoid lack of sleep, go to bed late and get up as early as possible. Try to get eight hours of good sleep every night.

  • Go hiking

When you reduce your sugar intake, your body will need a new source of energy, whether you believe it or not, you can get energy through exercise. Doing physical exercise can help balance blood sugar, reduce stress and increase energy levels. Start each day with a 10-minute course, and then gradually increase, depending on your comfort level. Intense activities, such as hiking, can increase the production of happiness hormones and naturally reduce the need for sugar.

  • Reduce coffee

Caffeine intake can cause dehydration and fluctuations in blood sugar levels, as well as increased sugar cravings. If you want to get rid of the sugar reflection, try reducing (a little) coffee. It’s already beneficial to drink one drink a day. If you cannot survive without caffeine, try other alternatives, such as matcha or green tea.

  • Choose your words

Try to treat the detoxification process of sugar as a new, healthier lifestyle rather than a deprivation. According to Reader’s Digest, research shows that saying “I don’t eat sugar” is more effective than saying “I can’t eat sugar” because the first sentence implies a choice and the second sentence implies a decisive decision.

It is not easy to define and accept a new, healthier lifestyle, especially when excluding addiction problems like sugar. Hypnosis may be an interesting way to solve this addiction. In the video, find Dr. Lauriane Bordeanave, a hypnotherapist, for more instructions.

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