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Morocco and Turkey aspects from my personal experience

Morocco and Turkey are two of the most common touristic destinations for Arabic people from Arabic world. The Arabic tourist who visit Morocco usually visit Morocco because it is Arabic spoken language and it also due to that the cost of visiting Morocco is cheap compared to Turkey. However, There are various points of similarities and differences between these two countries.

The population both countries are totally different. Morocco population is estimated at 36 millions people while in Turkey it is estimated at 84 million people according to the statistics shown on ‘world o meter’ website.In addition, also the countries surface area are different. Morocco surface area is 446 550 km²  and Turkey surface area is 785 350 km².

The spoken main language of Morocco is Arabic, but with a unique dialect that is entirely unlike other Arabic countries dialect. It is hard learn if you are not an Arabic native speak. As well as, that it close to be considered as a language not even a dialect because it contains a mixed vocabularies and grammar rules from different languages such as Spain, French, Amazigh and other languages of countries that colonized Morocco in the past. Furthermore, in Morocco you can live using two languages which are Arabic and French.

Turkey also has its own language which is Turkish. In the past, Turkish language was written by Arabic letter and after it has transferred to be written using Latin letters, this step was made by Ataturk due to his desire to create a language that is separated from Arabic and Persian. However, Turkish dictionary has several words borrowed from Arabic and Persian, but with a different pronunciation. Furthermore, in Turkey you can also live with Arabic language due to that it also full of Arabic speakers, especially the ones who coming from the border areas with Syria.

Turkey and Morocco have common religion which is Islamic religion. Islamic is also the main religion for both countries, but that does not mean there are not other religions on these countries. There are also Christianity and Judaism, but they are not widespread as Islamic. Most Turkish people are Muslim, but they are not all committed as they must be. For instance, drinking alcohol is haram in Islam religion, nonetheless most of Turkish people drink. Literally, we can say that Turkish people are not god-fearing. If you ever visited Turkey you will be tuned with the Adhan sound that you can hear it on almost the whole turkey.

Morocco has also different religions and the main religion of it is Islamic as Turkey. Most Moroccan people are hardliners to the religion, especially the old people. In addition, the Ramadan atmospheres in Morocco are more comfortable for Muslims compared to Turkey, this is a result of a fact that most of Morocco people fasting during this blessed month that come each year. While in Turkey Ramadan atmospheres, it like that you are on a foreign country it main religion is not Islamic. Most of Turkish people do not fast and they eat during this month on public and it is legally to eat on public during Ramadan in Turkey. In Morocco, it is illegal to do that on Ramadan in order to respect other Muslims who are god-fearing.

To conclude, the both countries are beautiful place to visit and live in and no country culture of these is better than other. Each culture has it owns features as long as it is a peaceful place to visit and live in. And the cultures are actually vary depending on the country history and geographical position. It could also varies depending of individual opinions.

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