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The Anonymous Crime Scene from my imagination

“This needs to be cleaned, the police will be here any minute.” These were the last words I remember after I woke up on an anonymous crime scene. I was alone with dead body next to me. A gun were on the floor away of me about 2 or 3 meters. My left hand was full of dead body blood while my right was so clean as nothing going on the place. In fact, I’m a right hand person. The time was 12 o’clock of middle night. My whole body was shaking in fear. I couldn’t remember anything. I stayed stand up in shock for more than hours. I remember seeing the clockwise moving as fast without any move from me. I was exactly in somebody house living room.

In another time, I heard someone’s steps were coming While I was on that situation. I tried to run out, but sadly I couldn’t even of my hard efforts, it was like that someone was catching me from down. A few seconds, the person entered the room and saw me there. He wasn’t shocked and he was so cold even of what he was seeing there. “This needs to be cleaned, the police will be here any minute.” He said. He took me to the bath and cleaned my hand from blood. Later, He picked me up of his car, but before we left I stayed alone for a while in the car. At that time in the car, I saw my life bar on my eyes. Obviously, that person was cleaning the crime scene that I haven’t known what was its story as I was on the motor.

That all of what I remember about that horrible day because the next day I rose from my bed on a good shiny day, thinking that all of what happened was a dream. Later, in somehow I turned on my tv to chill and try to fix my mood. There was the second shock because all of it was real when I saw a breaking news informing that police had started investigation about someone who was murdered the day before. According to the news streaming, the news were mention I lived the past day. So, I realized that all of that events were true and I’m thankful to the guy who rescued me. Although all of police investigations, they didn’t reach me until this file was closed from the government.

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