International Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the key concerns of people who have been abroad for a long time.  International travel and credit card insurance are covered by health insurance, but regular checkups and dental care are not. So this time I was researched international health insurance and was university to receive dental care.

What is national health insurance?

It is a health insurance system designed to enable national governments, local governments, and individuals to share health care costs in times of illness or injury.

And individuals are looking at medical institutions without worrying about financial problems.

International students are required to join the national health insurance of each city. If you agree to this, you will only have to pay 30% of the cost of treating illnesses and injuries, which will greatly reduce the load.


What is International Health Insurance?

Have you ever heard of global health insurance inside the first vicinity?

You can understand the content of these letters, but I don’t think they are as familiar as the content of your country.

International Health Insurance is globally applicable health insurance that covers regular checkups and dental care.

However, the barrier to use may be higher than national insurance because English is required for application and communication.


About National Health Insurance

When presenting a National Health Insurance (NHS) health insurance card.

If you go to a health care provider that has health insurance for labor-related injuries or illnesses, 70% of the medical expenses covered by the Health Insurance Act will be treated.

Only the remaining 30% is paid for healthcare because it is covered by the NHS.


Some International Health Insurance

If you are looking for international health insurance, there are many services available.

When it comes to blogs and user voices, focus on international health insurance and feel good.

Specifically, it provides the following four services.

  • Sonia
  • Global Health
  • Bada
  • Integra Global


What international health insurance should I choose from these insurance policies?

Points of International Health Insurance

The following three points were emphasized in the selection of international health insurance.

Is dental treatment appropriate?

The biggest advantage of international health insurance is that it can cover dental care.

Make sure your dental coverage is up to the level you’re looking for.

Are compensation amounts and insurance premiums appropriate?

Dental insurance is often more expensive than other insurance.

Make sure that the balance between the amount covered and the premiums you pay is correct.

Do you support cashless healthcare?

It is important to support cashless healthcare as you choose regular insurance abroad.

Whenever possible, choose insurance that supports cashless healthcare.

International health insurance recommendations are signatories

Of the above four services, I recommend the Cigna Gold plan.

Depending on the level of compensation you claim, the premium is $164.05 per month.

It’s not cheap, but I think it’s reasonable if you have enough insurance.

The following is a summary of Cigna’s recommendations.

Appropriate dental insurance

The gold plan covers up to $2,500 a year.

In addition to dental care (80% coverage), dental checkups (100% coverage) are also eligible.

For more information, see Cigna – Module.

You can determine the cost-to-load ratio.

Cigna’s insurance plan allows you to determine the cost load factor.

For example, if you set the load factor to 20%, you pay 20% for treatment yourself, but the monthly premium is a little cheaper.

This means you have the flexibility to adjust your monthly premiums to your preferences.

Cashless Healthcare

Cigna International Health Insurance supports cashless healthcare. (Signatory – Claim)

In other words, if you are being treated at the Cigna Affiliate Hospital, you will have to pay the amount you have to bear.

After all, I don’t have to worry about things like not inning insurance.

Unqualified health care

Special rates, material costs, etc. for health care, private and double rooms not covered by insurance.

Health checks and vaccines (excluding vaccines if there is a risk of illness)

Normal pregnancy and childbirth (abnormal delivery covered by insurance)

Abortion for economic reasons

Cosmetic surgery

Orthopedic dentistry


But do you really need dental insurance?

As mentioned above, the strength of international health insurance is that dental care can also be covered by insurance.

If you decide, I think it’s Signer’s gold plan.

However, the international health insurance fee of $190 per month is approximately $95 higher than the foreign regular travel insurance.

However, as it is health insurance, loss of personal and liability included in travel insurance is not included.

In short, isn’t it wise to self-fund dental care to completely prevent tooth decay, rather than using insurance to pay for it?

However, there are individual differences in cavity sensitivity, so if you are concerned, please take international health insurance.

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