An effective way to lose weight

No matter how many times I try, I will not lose weight … You may not be able to choose the diet method that suits you best. Do you want to find an effective diet method that suits your needs? It is said that the success of a diet depends on whether or not you are following a diet that suits you. How can I find the right one? But it is a shortcut to success. It is important to know what diets are available for that purpose. Find the one that suits you best.

List of diet methods

There are two main dieting methods, but the basic idea is to reduce subcutaneous fat through “calorie intake and calorie intake.”

Diet to reduce caloric intake

It is a way to lose weight by reducing the calories you store in your body from your diet. Subcutaneous fat is reduced by reducing caloric intake from the formula “caloric intake <caloric intake”. The key to this method is to reduce calories while ensuring that nutrients enter the body. There are several ways to continue this diet.

Diet log

A diet that has been popular for a long time is a method of controlling calories by visualizing the calories ingested. By writing down what you eat, you can see what’s in your body, remember the excess alcohol, and correct it.

1 meal alternative meal

This has been a popular diet method for many years, simply replacing a single meal with a diet drink. These days, it is easy to incorporate and has become an integral part of the diet. But the era of weight loss is over. Now it makes sense to lose weight wonderfully. It also contains nutrients and is reasonably priced, so incorporate it into your diet and lose weight wonderfully.

Diet without carbohydrates

Until alternative diets were sold, the main diet was to get rid of carbohydrates. Many people use it as an introduction to the diet because there is nothing to prepare and it can be practiced immediately from that day on.

Alternative foods

I want to eat pasta while on a diet. I want to eat rice … There are times like this. In such cases, try using noodles or shirataki noodles instead of pasta. The rest is seasoned as usual. Some rice is low in calories. Originally developed from hospitable foods, it is also popular for dieting. However, it is a bit pricey so give it a try every now and then.

Dietary support with supplements

If your diet is calorie restricted and you don’t have enough nutrients for the day, it’s a good idea to try supplements. However, supplements are meant to help you, so don’t get all the nutrients you need.

Exercise the diet method to increase the calories burned.

This diet method is a way to burn more calories and lose weight. Subcutaneous fat is reduced by increasing the number of calories burned using the formula “calories ingested <calories burned”. As a general rule of thumb, this method consumes more calories than your body can put in, thus requiring more time and effort than previous methods. It also makes sense to burn a lot of calories, but it doesn’t make sense unless you exercise for a long time. There are several ways to continue this diet.

Jogging diet

It is the best way to exercise the whole body and diet while consuming a lot of calories. If you get used to it, you can jog for about an hour, so anyone can give it a try. By the way, the calorie consumption of jogging is “weight (kg) x distance (km) = calorie consumption (Kcal)”. A 50 kg woman can burn 400 kcal after running for 1 hour (8 km slow run). It has about 160 calories per cup of pasta and about 160 calories per cup of rice, so it’s worth eating a lot.

Swimming diet

In addition to jogging, we also recommend swimming, which allows you to burn a lot of calories without worrying about injuries caused by whole-body exercise. Swimming requires skill and the calories burned seem to vary considerably from person to person. However, when looking at the average calories burned in some places, a woman’s hourly crawl is about 800-1000 kcal, the stroke is about 500 kcal, and an hour of walking underwater is about 200 kcal. It’s not as easy as jogging or walking because it requires space and skill, but if you’re serious about dieting, it may be worth getting started.

Special diets such as partial weight loss

Body part … For example, if you want to lose weight with only your lower body, legs, and upper arms, you can expect a stretching effect by adding muscle to the part you want to lose weight, which leads to weight gain. lost. Also, the fasting diet is a diet method that aims to improve the constitution by restoring (detoxifying) the inside of the body once. Also, some people say that the detox effect has eliminated constipation, so if you are interested, give it a try.

Diet for the lower body

The mainstream is going to manual therapies and salons. You can do it only in the part that you want to lose weight, so it is recommended for those who want to leave the other parts as they are. It’s hard to lose weight on your own, so leave it to the experts. There seems to be a number of things, like wanting to lose weight not just with your lower body, but with your upper arms and upper extremities as well.

Petit detoxifying meal on an empty stomach

By skipping meals only at night and emptying the intestines as much as possible, it seems that the detox effect can be expected at night. Some people say that the stool has become softer and easier to pull out, so if you are interested, please give it a try.

A way to lose weight that suits you

Choosing the right diet method for you is important to the success of your diet. Unfortunately, if you can’t find a method that suits your needs, you may be unsuccessful, and rebounds may occur repeatedly. Let’s find this opportunity.

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